Growing marijuana for commercial or personal use is on the increase worldwide. Crackdown of marijuana cultivation by authorities has pushed many consumers of plant classified as illegal by many authorities worldwide into the black market. Others have ended up becoming self-sufficient smokers. Many cultivators have ended up breeding marijuana seeds in pots, improved cultivation techniques, or introduce noble hybrids in order to step ahead of the police. Cultivating marijuana for own consumption is easy. For the plant to thrive well, it requires conducive environment for growth such as lightning, air, humidity and nutrients.

The best way of cultivating marijuana is to stick to the easiest way. Use loose potted soil and bore holes at the base of the bucket for drainage. A grow light of 250-400 watts with high intensity discharge is recommended. However, if you are growing the plant in a closer area, you can substitute the grow light with compacted fluorescents lights. For large rooms, install high intensity discharge lights i.e. 600 or 100 watts high pressure metal halide or sodium ballasts and bulbs. Ballasts and bulbs of high wattage emit stronger lights. However, these kinds of bulbs produce a lot of heat. To save of energy cost, you can use light emitting diodes. The technology is very promising than the ordinary lightning system.

When it comes to marijuana cultivation, it is important to choose the right species. Choose a species that can withstand different climatic conditions.  Marijuana has three categories. These are sativa, indica, or a hybrid of both. The origin of Indicas is Central Asia, a place known as Hindu Kush. The marijuana species is short and has a broad leaf. Its buds are covered with glandular like structures (trichomes). Indica was initially grown and used in making of hashish. Hashish is made from the trichomes. Users of this species argue that, it gives them a lethargic feeling.

On the other hand, sativa is taller. It has a longer flowering and growing season than other types of marijuana species. It is also characterized by thin and broad leaves. Its buds are thin and more elongated. Sativa is a native of equatorial regions. Initially, the marijuana specie was cultivated for medicinal and hemp purposes which ranged from brewing tea and smoking. However, compared to Indica, it produces less trichome. Users argue that, smoking sativa produces an “electric” feeling. Pure sativa is also believed to induce increased heart rate and paranoia in unsuspecting users.

Cannabis requires nutrients like any other plant. Marijuana plant requires nitrogen, phosphorous, nitrogen, potassium and other micronutrients. Shortage of these nutrients may result to poor yield. The grower may decide to use synthetic or organic fertilizers. However, when you opt to venture in marijuana cultivation, it I important to sample and test the soil in order to determine the nutrient the cannabis seeds will need. Do not forget pest control as well. A combination of both synthetic and natural methods can be employed. It is important to be tactful in this regard. Take not that, marijuana cultivation employ agricultural techniques employed in any kind of crop.