Marijuana, she is like a woman. The key to her heart is time and patience. With that in mind, here’s a couple tips on how to get the most while curing your own plants.

For your first curing experiment, you’ll want to go out and buy some quality glass mason jars to control your moisture levels.  The process involves opening the jars once a day to regulate the moisture levels, and letting the bacteria do their jobs.  It can take up to for four or eight weeks for a proper cure.  The only way to determine if your weed is ready to go is if you stop getting the suction popping sound when you open up the jar.  This indicates that the bacteria are no longer feeding on the chlorophyll and have thus finished their job.  This process sounds simply, but the real challenge is maintaining perfect moisture levels in the jar.  Miss a day of letting your jar air out or forget to close it back up and you’ve ruined your bud’s potency.

The gains might not seem to be worth the trouble of waiting such a long time and dedicating so much attention to curing your own weed, but let your taste buds and lungs be the judge of that.  There’s also the perks of more advanced curing techniques involving the use of slices of fruit to regulate the moisture levels while curing.  It’s a great way to individualize your weed and squeeze more value out of your purchase, once you master it.

Large growers utilize the fastest drying processes to keep up with demand.  While it gets the job done, the end-product results in weed that can be inconsistent in both potency and smoothness of the flavor.  Curing weed after it has been carefully dried results in a much smoother product, due to the bacteria breaking down the chlorophyll bonds that contain magnesium.  That’s where that bite comes from on the bad weed that has burnt parts of the buds.

Curing your marijuana is a delicate process of locking enough moisture in your weed so that it burns all the way, but provides enough moisture to give a stronger flavor and aroma.  You’ll know when you’ve hit the proverbial pay dirt on the very first puff from a perfectly cured batch of weed.