Not so fast, District stoners. The D.C Council has made it illegal for private clubs to smoke marijuana on their premises. The bill hopes to stop pot entrepreneurs from hosting parties and sharing the pot with others. The legislation passed with 100% of votes and it will take an immediate effect. Any business that violates this law could have its license revoked.

Mayor Muriel Bowser has put the bill forward to close a loophole in the ballot. Initiative 71 left room for certain individuals to host pot parties, in which a membership could be put into place to further profits. The new law prevents this from happening. DC’s new legalization measure allowed its residents up to 2oz of marijuana on their property at any one time, whether being grown or not. Users can also transfer up to 1oz to other people, however it is still illegal to buy or sell marijuana from others and it is also an offence to smoke it in public. The DC council made the new adjustment on Tuesday, so hopefully they got their partying in cool legal weed clubs in over the weekend.

Mr. Eidinger, the head of the D.C cannabis campaign, argues pretty sensibly that all the law has done is encourage more underground activity. “This gives us nowhere to go. Just hide in your house, go in your closet, and smoke,” he said. He also believes that people will start to smoke in public in order to go against the new law in protest. Vincent Orange, a D.C. council member, has made a plea to try and stop activists from engaging in public protests, as by doing so they could jeopardize any future efforts that might contribute to legalisation.