There was a huge public drug deal last Thursday and it was certainly a bargain. DC police officers looked as hundreds of people lined up outside Adams Morgan restaurant with bags of marijuana seeds. The ballot passed recently in DC has lead to an unprecedented giveaway of seeds, which people could then use to grow and cultivate plants in their own apartments (the only legal way you can acquire weed in the District).

The seed share was at the Libertine Bar and it went around 18th Street NW to Champlain St. People of all ages and ethnicities lined up from all corners and they even stayed in the pouring rain. Wendell Myers told the Washing Post that he didn’t want to stand behind hundreds of people, but it was the only way that he could legally obtain pot seeds. He has also said that if it was legal to buy them, he wouldn’t actually need the seeds. The district doesn’t actually have the ability to track the seeds and this could unleash a gray market and other attempts to profit from legalization.

In the state of Colorado every single seedling that has been raised for commercial sale is tracked using an ID tag. Sales are taxed very heavily by the state and most of the profits go into the education system. Soon however, thousands of plants could be unleashed in DC and they would be of no profit or benefit to district.