A Play-By-Play By Parker Winship

At the 420 Nurses Super Bowl party, it’s first quarter, third down. We’re not talking about Seahawks versus. Patriots. Even though it’s playing on several screens, almost no one’s watching that game. The hundred or so party guests are too busy smoking, dabbing, sampling edibles, drinking medicated punch, buying medicated lube, networking. And in one corner room of the 420 Nurse’s headquarters in Canoga Park, it’s the first quarter of our own game – 420 Football.Nurses4

It’s the undefeated Tokers versus the 420 Nurses. The Nurses’ empress, founder, and birthday girl ChaChaVaVoom is up. It’s the snap – a massive hit from a bong blown in the shape of a football. The Reeferee starts his timer. For every second a player holds in their hit, their team gains a yard. It’s tied 0-0, Tokers at the13 yard line, Nurses at the 50. Nurses need a big play. Ten seconds go by, twenty seconds, thirty seconds. ChaCha’s still holding it in.

The last player up, a big guy and Toker player, got 38 seconds. It took him some deep concentration. He was bobbing his head, fighting the urge to let that hit out. ChaCha, on the other hand, looks like she’s taking a morning stroll. Cool, calm, collected. After 42 seconds, she lets the hit go in a long gray stream, all the while keeping a ladylike poise. It’s a big play. All the Nurses hoot and holler. 42 seconds exactly. “Of course it was 420,” one of the Nurses yells.Nurses3

A couple plays later, 420 Nurse Summer Rain takes the option to do a dab instead of a bong hit. She pulls in a lungful of Vader Extract and gets eight seconds. Maybe not much compared to ChaCha’s play, but it gives them enough yards to get past the goal line. “Touchdown!”Nurses2

In the end, the Super Bowl party is just an excuse for like-minded people to get together, trade buds and shatter and stories. Andi, one of the nurses, says that not long ago, it wasn’t as easy finding other cannabis activists and stoner girls. Then she heard about the Nurses and their relationships with other people in the cannabis community. “It’s like there’s more of me,” she says.

For full coverage of the event, including the Vader Extract and OG Kush giveaway, new lines of dosage-controlled, healthier edibles, and an in depth look at the 420 Nurses, check out our article in the first issue of Dabs Magazine, coming this March.