If you’re stoned and not creating, then by god you should be stoned and watching. Or listening. And seeing as this wondrous tool of the internet affords us the ability for both, here’s six videos to stimulate your brain while you stone:

Tim and Eric Discuss the Universe

Wisemen Dr. Jimes Tooper and Dr. H. Donna Gust divulge the deepest secrets and nuances of deep space and the universe for our viewing pleasure.

Eric Andre Third Show Open

If you don’t watch The Eric Andre Show, then stop what you’re doing, and remedy that. This clip presents a great look at the way they do things over there, with a sultry costume change from Andre and co-host Hannibal Buress.

Million Dollar Extreme NEW STUFF


The funniest men on the internet offer a glimpse at what lies ahead from them. And it looks like everything you’ll ever need. Praise Satan for Million Dollar Extreme. View more here.

Simpsons Year 10,535 Couch Gag

What the fuck is this? The Simpsons stopped giving a fuck in the best possible way the last few years and this is the product of that. I love The Simpsons, quote The Simpsons, die for The Simpsons. But I’ve never turned it on and nearly gone insane until now. Check it, then check guest animator Don Hertzfeldt’s genius and equally brain-melting It’s Such A Beautiful Day.

Dog Milks Goat

Dogville, baby. Dogville.

Every 90’s Commercial Ever

A little 90’s after school nostalgia. You came home, put on some Wishbone, stabbed a straw into a Caprisun, and then lost your damn mind. Here’s some goodness from the wonderful people at RocketJump.