Damian Marley has never seemed shy about following in his father Bob’s footsteps. Though not the iconic recording legend that Bob Marley was, Damian has made his mark as a musician, with Gold Records and Grammy Awards to prove it. And now, like his father before him, Damian is getting into the cannabis business, in particular the flower and extracts market in California, as reported by Forbes.

Now, Bob himself was never part of the weed industry while he was alive, but his family has collaborated with a New York-based startup to launch Marley Natural, a line of cannabis flowers and concentrates being distributed in California. So now it would seem that Damian’s product will be in competition with his old man’s.

Damian has joined up with Ocean Grown Extracts to collaborate on their flower and extract products. Ocean Grown got some headlines earlier this year when they announced plans to convert a Northern California prison into a cannabis factory and they’re getting attention again by adding a famous recording artist to their roster.

“It goes without saying that for marijuana the attraction is very natural,” Marley told Forbes. Indeed, this venture is not his first cannabis rodeo. The singer/songwriter also has an enormous dispensary in Colorado located at Mile High Stadium and plans to open more locations, “anywhere you can open a dispensary, so definitely here in California,” he said.

With Ocean Grown, Marley is involved in wholesale distribution of CO2-extracted wax, THC oil, vape pens, E-nails, and flower too. Marley said that though his celebrity gives him the opportunity to put his name on many products, it was important that he found ones of quality.

He said the deciding factors for joining with a business endeavor were, “A lot of things – integrity of the product, something that I myself would use personally; also, something that I don’t mind young people being involved in, that is a big thing for me; also, I want my kids to look back and be proud of me and say I didn’t sell my soul to earn a dollar, that is very important to me.”

Ultimately, he said, it’s more about the principle than the money. “The thing I enjoy the most about the progression of the herb, is the fact that we’re free,” he said. “You come to California, you get your license, you’re free, you’re not a criminal for smoking herb. That’s one of the only things that me personally would have an issue with law enforcement over the years because I’m big on herb. So outside all of these great other benefits I’m most happy that I can smoke herb and not be seen as a criminal. That, to me, is big for sure.”

Photo via Wikimedia Commons