A regular badass, a Mexican superstar, and a mean taco-maker.  This even sounds like a new headline for a Danny Trejo movie.  The man is one of a kind, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a Danny Trejo feature film.  His most notorious films are Machete, Con Air, Desperado, and of course Anchorman.  Danny works up quite the appetite kicking butt on the big screen, when he’s at home, he likes to bust out some mean carne asadas, which he now wants to share with the people in Los Angeles in his very own taco shop called Trejo’s Tacos.

We can’t wait to see this place become the new hot spot in LA, which won’t be long because it opens up in May.  The pictures of this hot new joint look like a Danny Trejo.  As in “rough, desert landscape with unique beauty” and a slick, badass, hard steel, black leather jacket interior that makes you feel right at home.  It’s basically a biker hangout, but without the stereotypical dingy, cramped, and stale atmosphere of a real one.  Probably won’t see too many bikers here either, it’s a bit outside their usual territory, sitting near the Miracle Mile area of Los Angeles in a former Taco Bell building.

The man himself promises “Natural Organic. Fresh” food at his restaurant.  Look for the ultimate in comfort foods, beers, wines, and plenty of napkins.  Trejo almost had a problem getting his neighborhood liquor license, but his fans came out in droves to testify in support of their favorite actor, and all was good in the end.