Evolution- the biggest contraband market in the dark net has vanished from the face of the earth with more than $12 million dollars. This has sent panic throughout the dealer community. Evolution quickly became the go-to site if you need anything from ketamine to guns and even fake passports.

Evolution had two administrators who went under the name Kimble and Vert. They ran off with all the drug money and according to merchants, the amount totalled over $12 million.

But this isn’t the first time that the market has experienced a dark net scam. Sheep Marketplace and Atlantis also ran off with their user’s money, and this was estimated to be around $5.3 million. Evolution is accessed through an anonymous browser called Tor and ever since then it has become a very busy, yet very reliable marketplace for dealers and other illegal activity. Many people believe that is why the site became a scam. According to experts, Evolution was one of the best-designed and best-coded internet markets, by legit or illegit standards. It had the look of a legitimate site, the pages loaded incredibly quickly, and it rarely went down. The people behind this scam were old school hackers and they had a decent level of technical expertise behind them.

A new darknet site launched in light of the Evolution demise. The site is called Ironclad and it has stated its purpose quite clearly. It has the aim of being secure, reliable and complete. However as so many people got scammed from Evolution, it is understandable how they would be wary about any launches from the darknet side of the internet.

No new updates have been posted as of yet regarding the Evolution robbery.