During a high-speed chase on Interstate 10 in Arizona, two suspects tossed out bales and bales of marijuana onto the road, before having their tires blown out by spike strips and being arrested by the Pinal County Sherriff’s Office.

The deputy’s dashcam video shows the bricks tumbling down the interstate, sometimes bursting on impact. Awesomely, five cars not involved in the incident are reported to have stopped on the road, picked up the ditched bales (which each contained a shitload of weed – maybe schwag but they could always blast it), and road on. None of them were picked up by the sherrif’s office.

It was bad news for the two guys in a truck. Arizona is one of the worst states to get caught with weed in – trafficking in that amount can earn you a sentence anywhere from 2-12.5 years, not to mention the charges involved in engaging deputies in a high-speed pursuit.

But it was an amazing day for a few lucky Southwest drives. And the karmic wheel in the sky keeps on turning.

Parker Winship