With many schools and businesses closed around the world, many of us have been trying to fill the time with board games and cooking and stuff. Not so the busy beavers at the cannabis data site Headset, who have been cranking out new incites into the rapidly changing cannabis market on a daily basis amid the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

Headset’s data shows not a simple rise or fall in the market, but complex patterns in consumer behavior over the last several weeks that vary widely by age and location. 

For many in the industry, their research reveals numbers that are very good, business-wise. “General fears have been driving stock-up behaviors throughout the month of March in all states,” the website wrote.

In the third week of March, California weed stores saw their sales volumes shoot up 100%. At the same time, Colorado experienced a 40% increase in sales compared to its average.

The period has not been kind to all regions of cannabis providers, though. In Nevada, for instance, where Las Vegas tourists have plummeted, the weed business has seen “a dramatic decline in sales.”

Sales have also varied by age, with Generation Z cannabis purchases rising 41% while sale to Baby Boomers actually decreasing slightly.

Also of note is new consumer patterns in which kinds of cannabis products they’re buying. Retailers have seen an increase in buying of edibles and infused beverages while sales of pre-roll joints have declined (probably because most people don’t want to risk transmission of the virus by passing it around).