David Cross is claiming in an AMA on Reddit that the current vice president of Adult Swim, Mike Lazzo, stole his idea for fake late night paid programming shows, the time slot made most famous by last fall’s most righteously psychotic “Too Many Cooks.”

Cross (dude behind Mr. Show, Todd Margaret, and the new film Hits) said that he and comedy writer and performer H. Jon Benjamin (the voice of Archer and Coach McGuirk on Home Movies) came up with the idea, and the two of them pitched it to Lazzo in his office back in 2008.

Cross said, “… adult swim completely and totally ripped off the idea… Jon Benjamin and I did it. It’s really funny. And the idea that I pitched to Lazzo, in his office, standing in front of him, back in 2008? I wanna say? was to do a fake infomercial that would air at 4 in the morning, and it would be called  Paid Programming so that the viewers wouldn’t know it was fake, and it starts out very realistically, and then subtly devolves into this crazy nonsense. But it would really fuck with people’s heads.”

Cross clarified that he had no grudge with people behind the juggernaut of the Adult Swim paid programming time slot. “Let me make it clear – I think the people who had the concepts for TOO MANY COOKS didn’t rip us off. I think adult swim was the one who ripped off the idea. And they actually aired it once – it aired at exactly the time I pitched, in that exact way, and they didn’t pick up the show, which I guess makes us a couple years ahead of our time? So fuck Mike Lazzo. He’s a thief.”

Cross and Benjamin’s video “Icelandic Ultra Blue” can be found right here and since you can never see “Too Many Cooks” too many times, here’s that bad MF-er too. If you’ve never seen it and you’re about to watch it, we just hope your cool with your skull splitting open.