“I want my property back, and want to make sure I get my weed back.” That’s what some bad motherfucker said to the District’s Metro Po-Po earlier this week.

Now that it’s legal in Washington D.C., police have been asked to give back some confiscated marijuana to the general public. The public radio station WAMU has announced that Washington police are now enforcing a brand new procedure to cover the legalisation laws.

According to Yvette Alexander, who is a D.C. council member, the man in question walked into the police station on Monday and asked the police offer to give him his marijuana back. The pot had been confiscated during an arrest. After the police scratched their heads a bit, they had no choice but to give the man his property back as well as the weed that they had confiscated from him.

The police have also announced an update that defines how marijuana should be returned to those who are over 21 years of age:

  1. Visit the station in the District where the marijuana was seized beginning 24 hours after the date of the seizure, but no later than 21 calendar days after the date of the seizure, and bring Copy B of the NOV;
    ii. Provide proof of age; and
    iii. Receive the seized marijuana.

God damn. Now I actually wish I had been arrested in D.C. for possession just so I could take an Instagram of a cop handing me my wide. Lo-fi filter. #fuckthepolice #jkthanksformyshitpopo