Joel Robinson, 32, is going on trial for shooting a DEA agent. Reports say that the DEA agent surprised Joel during a law raid in October. Agents went into the premises expecting to find a cache of drugs, however after the premises were searched they found nothing but a small pouch of marijuana that was for recreational use, according to an article in The State.

Reports also say that Robinson is going to claim self-defence. Robinson said that anyone who thought they were the target of a home invasion would grab a gun and fire shots in the direction of the commotion.

The person who Robinson shot however was a DEA agent, Barry Wilson. The bullet broke bones in Wilson’s forearm and right elbow. It is said that his recovery will take more than a year and he is also expected to lose part of that arm according to the pre-trial hearing.

The prosecution will claim that the law officers on the scene announced their arrival by initiating blue lights and sirens as well as breaking a side window into the house. It is also against the law to shoot a federal officer when they are on official duties.

The gun that Robinson fired was a .45 calibre Taurus handgun that had a laser sight attachment. Federal prosecutors also want Robinson to give up his pistols, house, rifles and shotguns. He is currently being held at Lexington County Detention Centre and has two experienced criminal lawyers working with him in his defence.