The US Drug Enforcement Administration might be a whole lot less swinging now that director Michele Leonhart is scheduled to resign next month. The announcement comes only a week after Leonhart testified before a congressional oversight committee regarding the Colombian drug cartel-sponsored prostitute parties attended by DEA agents. The Obama administration made the announcement of Leonhart stepping down earlier this week.

While this may be bad news for DEA agents who like to party, it’s uncertain what it means for the future of marijuana prosecution. With the tide turning among the country’s lawmakers and the general population as well, a new DEA head could either take the administration toward a stricter or more tolerant stance.

“I encourage the president to use this as an opportunity to fill this important role with someone who understands the outdated federal approach to marijuana isn’t working,” said Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) after the announcement of Leonhart’s departure. “The American public has moved on. Most now feel marijuana should be legalized.”