If you think your weed habit was bad just because you have to go back to the dispensary and replenish your supply on a daily basis, then maybe you’ll feel better to know that the amount of cannabis you’re consuming is nothing compared to the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The federal agency put in a preliminary order of 472,000 grams of sticky endo, or approximately 1,041 pounds of cannabis. No word on why the DEA needed exactly 472,000 grams of weed, but acting agency Administrator Chuck Rosenberg said in a notice to the Federal Register last week that the ganja is being procured to meet the “estimated medical, scientific, research and industrial needs of the United States,” as reported by Marijuana.com.

If over a ton of weed sounds like a lot, know that it is supposed to last the entire year of 2017, and that this is actually cutting down for the DEA. Last year, their order was for 1,451 pounds of weed, so it seems that they’ve reduced their weed appetite by about 28 percent.

Of course, like any true dabaholic or weed fiend, the supply never goes as far as you think it will. Last year, they had to increase the amounts of drugs they needed mid-year, and the year before that they increased their cannabis order by more than 300 percent, taking it up from 125,000 grams to 658,000 grams.

Rosenberg said that in the past the DEA inflated their marijuana orders by “25% of the estimated medical, scientific and research needs for the United States as part of the amount necessary to ensure the establishment and maintenance of reserve stocks” in case of “adverse public effects should a natural disaster or other unforeseen event result in substantial disruption to the amount of controlled substances available for legitimate public need.”

The DEA Administrator obviously thinks that they don’t need to add that 25 percent buffer to their weed supply next year, which might suggest a few different things. One, that maybe the extremely accessible nature of legal medical cannabis in many states of the union mean the DEA can easily replenish a supply if it does get reduced to shake and stems. But it also suggests that the agency is not expecting to decriminalize marijuana anytime soon (as they were rumored to), which would likely cause an increase in medical testing of marijuana in the country.