Utah is currently considering a bill that would allow those who suffer from a medical condition to legally access edible marijuana products. According to the DEA, however, wildlife may develop a taste for the pot and basically become high all the time, losing their fear of humans and maybe even reaping a little havoc on the community.

Matt Fairbanks, a member of the Marijuana Eradication group, has stated that he only deals in facts and science, and that his recent raid of a retiree’s garden has given him a notoriety because he confiscated a number of okra plants.

Fairbanks has worked for over a decade, shutting down marijuana operations in the mountains of Utah. He says that he is concerned about the effects that large weed cultivations will have on the land, and that he has seen for himself the effects it can have on the local environment. Fairbanks has also stated that he has seen rabbits develop a taste for the weed, and that one of them refused to leave him alone while he was seizing the weed around him. He believes that the rabbit’s natural instinct to run was impaired by his taste for marijuana.

Even though it is true that illegal marijuana farming can harm the environment, if done legally, it is no different than farming corn. It has the same plant-to-plant ratio and so the environmental consequences would be the same. Many people believe that if marijuana were to be legalized, people could grow it in grow patches instead of up on the mountains, and that this would help to limit environmental consequences.

Regardless of this, the panel approved the bill so it has now been sent up to the Senate who will debate the subject this week.