A new $3T proposed relief package drafted by Democrats suggests that the party has weed on the brain.

A review of the document by the New York Postshowed that it contained the word “cannabis” 68 times. The publication noted that the bill only used the word “jobs” 52 times. However, it does not provide much context for how those words are actually used. Like the Post reporters, we at Dabs Mag are too lazy to read the 1,800-page relief bill to find out, and very likely so is every member of Congress.

What we do know is that the bill would allow legal cannabis businesses to access financial assistance, a major sticking point for the industry since the coronavirus pandemic began. It would not, however, give them access to funds from the Small Business Administration.

In addition to giving financial help to cannabis businesses, the proposal would also provide for a study of diversity in the cannabis industry and allow banks to legally work with regulated cannabis businesses.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell seemed none too pleased with these provisions. 

“Here it is: new annual studies on diversity and inclusion within the cannabis industry. Not one study but two of them,” McConnell said in a floor speech. “Let me say that again, Democrats’ proposed coronavirus bill includes taxpayer-funded studies to measure diversity and inclusion among the people who profit off of marijuana.”

The proposed relief bill is said to be “dead on arrival” in the Senate because the Senate is controlled by Republicans and Republicans don’t like things included in the bill like the word “diversity,” the elimination of a work requirement for food stamps, and the allowance of abortion funding.

“It would make more to sense in my view… to send it straight to Santa Claus,” said Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.).

Photo via Flickr/Bruce Detorres