In an attempt to better regulate marijuana operations, Denver is planning to cut down on the cultivation of medical weed. A report issued Tuesday states that the city has a plan to put unlicensed growers out of operation by limiting the number of plants that an outfit can cultivate without having a proper business license. The ordinance would impose a 36 plant limit on the amount of cannabis produced in a non-residential building. The city believes that this will help to stop certain problems from escalating, including the illegal supply of medical marijuana to various buyers on the black market.

The reports indicate increases in criminal activity in the area, including building violations and petty theft. The Denver City Council now wants to put into place reasonable restrictions on large growing operations. This all stems from the concern that there have been as many as 60 collectives that have been growing plants on a huge scale, and that the produce could easily find itself on the black market.

With some collectives growing over 2,000 plants, this move has been put into place to try and keep the public safe. And of course, complies with the regulations of Amendment 64.

This isn’t going to impact registered growers, but it will limit growers who don’t have their license. The City Council for Denver is going to hold a hearing on the issue later in the day to see if the change is put into place.