Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division and Adams County Sherrif’s Office talked big earlier this month when they announced there would be no samples or sales of cannabis products at the cup. We predicted a lot of vendors and patrons would find a way around the ban. And indeed, they did. It’s called not giving a fuck.

It turns out that vendors from outside of Colorado weren’t targeted by authorities present, and really had nothing to lose. Local dispensaries, growers, and extractors risked closer inspection of their business, or even having their licenses thrown out, while non-Coloradans could basically do as they pleased.

“Out-of-state vendors are not licensed by the state of Colorado, thus they are not bound by Colorado business regulations,” Sergeant Aaron Pataluna, Adams County Sheriff’s public information officer told The Cannabist.

Some vendors who towed the line felt none too pleased with the hazy rules.

Marcus Lentz, owner of Medi Brothers in Oregon, left his infused products at home following the ban’s announcement. “I made 25,000 edibles that are sitting at home right now. At $20 a sample, that’s a lot of money,” he said. He brought non-weedy samples to the Cup instead, only to watch other license holders at the event giving out the good stuff.

“It’s really frustrating for dispensaries who are trying to be compliant. For us, it’s our license on the line,” said Tiffany Goldman of The Health Center, a Colorado pot shot.

Some vendors even reportedly made money hand over fist exchanging goods for donations. Such is the case in the cannabis business at the moment. Luck favors the bold. But that might go for bad luck as well as the good kind.