Brad Pitt might have recently smoked the most expensive bongload in history. The star of Tree of Life and a Inglorious Basterds was slapped this week with a divorce filing from his wife, Angelina Jolie.

The whys and wherefores of the divorce are still uncertain. Rumors had it for a little while (like for a couple of hours this afternoon) that the trouble was a woman who got between the “Bra” and the “Ngelina” in the compound-named celebrity couple. But if TMZ is correct (and there’s about a 50% chance that they are) then those rumors are only half-right.

It was a woman that was the root of all the trouble in the marriage. But it wasn’t Marion Cotillard (Pitt’s costar in the upcoming World War II drama Allied, as was the scuttlebutt for a short time). The woman in question was Mary Jane. Forgive the lame pun and read about the details.

Sources told TMZ that Jolie was none too taken with the environment her six children were growing up in. Pitt’s weed usage, along with drinking and mood swings were too much for the model-come-actress-come-director.

As per TMZ:We now have even more sources telling us … Angelina reached her breaking point last week over Brad’s consumption of weed and alcohol, and combined with what she says are Brad’s anger issues … his interactions with the kids created a deal breaking problem for her.”

Pitt does not have much of a reputation for drinking and getting high, except in isolated anecdotes. He played one of the all time great stoner parts as Floyd in True Romance.

The actor has talked about a deep dark dank phase in the late 90s when flaming joints were kamikaze-ing his life. He told The Hollywood Reporter a few years ago that back then, “I was hiding out from the celebrity thing; I was smoking way too much dope; I was sitting on the couch and just turning into a doughnut; and I really got irritated with myself.”

But the actor also said he shook off the shake habit after having kids. “I just quit,” he said. “I stopped grass then — I mean, pretty much — and decided to get off the couch.” But maybe that didn’t take. Whether Pitt got back off the weed wagon or not, it’s sure as hell going to be hard to resist a kushy bong hit for the actor right about now.