Agents of the DEA like to party a little too hard with locals when overseas, according to a report that has been released by the Department of Justice and reported in VICE. The report states that many overseas agents have held sex parties with numerous prostitutes. This was paid for by drug cartels, most likely in Columbia. According to a report, the parties were hosted at DEA quarters and they were leased by the government. Columbian law officers also provided the DEA with protection, holding their property while they attended the party. These revelations came as part of an investigation in the misconduct of several agencies. This included the ATF, US Marshal Services, the DEA and the FBI.

Another instance that has been uncovered by the report states that several witnesses have seen a DEA assistant with prostitutes at a farewell party. The party was in his honor.

The DOJ reported that the DEA had a “lack of coordination between the internal affairs offices,” spotty policies to handle sexual harassment and misconduct, and a “weaknesses in detecting sexually explicit text messages and images.” But at least they know how to have a good time.