A UFO was sighted by many in West Covina, Los Angeles last week. Though the object in question is still unidentified, many are starting to think that cannabis extracts may be behind the whole thing.

On August 28, a perfectly round object appeared in the Southern California sky. Onlookers observing it were soon joined by a police helicopter swooping in to take a closer look. You can see yourself in the video below, posted by Julian Lopez.

“Well, my friends, there’s a UFO over the San Gabriel Valley,”  Lopez says in the video. “It looks like a big eyeball,” he notes. Indeed it does. According to a report from the International Business Times, some thought it might have been a “powered spacecraft” or an “alien eyeball,” for some reason. Though others thought it looked to be metallic.

But another theory is that the giant hovering eyeball was actually a white advertising balloon with the logo of the extracts and vape company Brass Knuckles. Several people saw the balloon floating around Los Angeles right around the same time that others saw the UFO. Authorities think maybe these two groups of witnesses saw the same thing.

The logo for Brass Knuckles, confusingly, is not an eyeball, but a pair of brass knuckles (brass is a metal, I guess). But we’ll take what we can get in logical explanations.

This, of course, is not the first time weed has gotten mixed up in alien conspiracy theories. Some people think aliens brought cannabis to human beings on earth while others think that the country was just founded by George Washington’s weed-and-alien-loving cult.

Screenshot via secureteam10’s YouTube video