If you are a cannabis user and also reader of this here periodical, then chances are you fall somewhere between the ages of 20 and 49. At current, the most common usage of marijuana in the States falls between the ages of 30 and 49, with 20 to 30 packing in the rest of the bulk of the numbers. (Recent years have shown a spike in use of 50s and up, but we’ll get back to that.)

With those numbers in mind–ages 20 to 49– the average parentage of folks of that ilk lies somewhere between 55 and 75.

All of this may seem tiresome, but with the question at hand it will all make more sense– did your parents smoke with the weeds?

Polling of those ages range heavily toward the yes. Citing the above article, not only had people currently aged 50 and up tried some form of weed or hash in their time in the past, but now many of those who hadn’t initially sucked down on the sticky bubs are joining in on the party.

If they didn’t while dry humping something fierce on the plains of old Woodstock in ‘69, then chances are, your parents are literally smoking right now.

This obviously does not include the non-smokers and sober livers of the boomer/geriatric community, a whopping sum of which comprise something like 52%.

Still, with the average age getting up to 49 in this dabsvestigation, many of the “parents” listed and staticized prior have, most unfortunately, moved onto the silver shores. With that nug in mind, however bleak, we can round our numbers back up in the have your rents puffed that chron.

All in consideration, chances were, are and will most likely remain, yes, your parents have at least tried weed. Even if only once. And with the glut of smokers and dabbers and various other partakers in our midst, those chances are only going to rise with the tide of time.