With so many individuals applying for the best jobs, employers can be extremely choosy about who they hire, and many employers, especially those who offer critical jobs where is safety can be a real issue require all potential employees to take a drug test before hiring them. If you use drugs even for recreation, and facing a drug test for work you need to find a way to pass that test, and may find yourself wondering if drug detox drinks work?

About Work Drug Tests

In most cases, work related drug tests aren’t a surprise and you have plenty of warning when taking a test. With over 60% of companies now requiring drug tests before they hire a employee it is essential to make sure you don’t test dirty for drugs. Drug detox drinks have become a popular choice for ridding drugs and their residue from your system prior to a test.

What Are Drug Detox Drinks

Normally sold in pharmacies and health food stores detox drinks are drinks normally made up of special herbs and vitamins that are designed to rapidly flush certain drugs and their residue from your system. These drinks are normally directed for a specific drug making it difficult for users of multiple drugs to use a single detox drink to flush all the drugs and their residue from their system.

Flushing Your System

Even when using detox drinks to flush your system of drugs, you need to refrain from using these illegal substances for a period of days to weeks before your test. Different drugs stay in your system for different lengths of times and the more often you use a drug the longer it takes to flush from your system. For that reason detox drinks don’t always work to the extent that you need to it.

Along with the detox drink make sure that you drink plenty of water and urinate often, the more fluid that passes through your system the more likely it is to clean out your system well. However, do not drink excess fluid for 24 hours prior to your test, as your urine will be too clear and send red flags to those doing your test. You want your urine to be natural colored not too clear, but definitely free of drug residue.

Making Sure that Detox Works

If you want to make sure that your drug detox is working prior to being tested there are OTC drug test kits available that you can use to make sure that your drug detox drink worked and that your system is clean. You may want to pick up a couple of kits in order to check your progress and insure that your system is completely clean.

Not For Everyone

Do keep in mind that even if you manage to pass that important drug test and get hired for the job of your dreams, that there still may be an issue with you using those illegal drugs. If you use illegal drugs more than occasionally, or abuse those drugs your work product will suffer and you employer may decide to randomly test you. Unless you know in advance when a drug test will be, no form of detoxing will help you to test clean.