Right now is probably the biggest moment for LSD since the drug first came into popular use since the ‘60s. The difference is that now, instead of hippies and counterculture leaders advocating it to expand consciousness, it’s health experts and intelligentsia talking it up. Microdosing has become all the rage in the last few years, was the subject of a best-selling science book, and last week Newsweekreported that “we could be taking psychedelics to help treat mental illness in just five years.”

So, how does LSD work when combined with cannabis, that other drug that’s skyrocketed in mainstream use in recent years? As anyone who’s ever used either weed or acid knows, drug taking is not usually an exact science.

VICErecently talked to drug experts and reported that, though cannabis usually blends well with other recreational drugs, mixing it with acid is “polarizing.” “Some people love the combo, others hate it, perhaps because the effects can sometimes be unpredictable.”

Mitchell Gomez, executive director of nonprofit drug education group DanceSafe, noted that “Smoking cannabis on LSD seems to potentiate the effects of both, so you end up with a sort of stronger effect of both substances.” he said.

Gomez added that cannabis can even ramp up effects of LSD after they’ve started to wear off. “It’s actually almost a joke within some psychedelic communities, a sort of classic mistake as you’re coming down off of LSD to be like, ‘Oh, I’m gonna smoke some pot and go to bed and then you do and now you’re like trippingtripping again.”

That doesn’t mean the two can’t be good together, if you’re a seasoned user familiar with the effects of both drugs. A study reported in DoubleBlindfound that some users found that smoking while tripping brought them to a “euphoric” state that was “overwhelming in a good way.”

Another experienced drug user said that he prefers to smoke CBD flower during an acid trip to help calm himself down in a way that felt like taking a Xanax.

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