Anybody who saw Dave Chappelle’s recent special Equanimity probably noticed that vape he was hitting the entire time. And they might have asked themselves one of these two questions: 1) what kind of theater lets you vape in it? and 2) what is that vape that looks like a flash drive?

It’s a Juul, bro. A super sleek, smooth-hitting vape device that comes with e-cig juice in enticing flavors such as Mango, Cool Mint, Fruit Medley and Creme Brulee. Or, if you’re an industrious dabaholic, you can hack the Juul to insert some homemade hash oil into the contraption.

Besides the hands of Grammy-winning comedians and the elite fashion world, Juuls can be found pretty damn near everywhere.

The New York Times reports that the Silicon Valley-spawned technology gained a “foothold” in NYC’s elite private schools. It notes that over the last several years, almost every vice among teenagers has plummeted. The number of high schoolers who smoke cigarettes has plummeted to just one third of what it was twenty years ago. Opioid use among students went down more than 50% over the last three years. Binge drinking and sex are less popular than they were ten years ago. Even soda intake is down.

But there is at least one vice that has been on the rise in recent years for high schoolers: vaping. One high school in Chicago is even considering installing vape-detectors in its bathrooms following an astounding seven-fold increase of vape-related disciplinary incidents.

Is it a bad thing that teen vaping is up? Particularly considering the release of a new study that showed mice exposed to nicotine vapor suffered damage to their DNA, which could lead to a whole host of health problems? Or could it just be the trade-off for getting them to stop smoking cigarettes? Juul, for its part, and for the part of its public relations team, believes it is “part of the solution to end combustible smoking.”

Photo via Netflix