Physicians across the US may start to prescribe MDMA, that old psychedelic drug with a methamphetamine base we call Molly. The drug may be given to those who suffer from severe anxiety and terminal illness. Researchers have recently found out that they have been given the go ahead by the DEA to perform a trial on MDMA. This will help them to size up the potential of the drug and it also helps those who have life threatening conditions understand and come to terms with the end of their life.

The study itself is being sponsored by the MAPS. or the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic studies. This group is non-profit and they work hard to make sure that researching facilities have the ability to research psychedelics and marijuana. They earned the go ahead to test marijuana on veterans last year, namely those who suffer from PTSD. This took three years to properly come to fruition. The idea of MDMA being a medicinal substance is very hard to sell to the federal government however.

In fact, Molly was determined to be safe for medicinal use by the DEA’s law judge. He recommended that they downgrade the substance from Schedule I to Schedule III, however this didn’t go too well with the DEA administrator. He said that the recommendation is not valid because it hasn’t even been approved by the FDA yet and it will stay in Schedule I until it has further classification.

A federal judge has overturned MDMA advocates argument by prohibiting the DEA from using the FDA approval excuse. Regardless of this, the judge has re-evaluated the substance and he still believes that it should remain at Schedule I. MAPS, for their part, has started a $21 million campaign to bring MDMA into pharmacies by 2021.