Summer is a wonderful time for stoners; some sunshine and swimming pools and ice cream trucks go together well with a nice burning spliff. But it’s also a wonderful time for mosquitoes, who get to enjoy all that human flesh that short shorts and swimsuits offer. So, a stoner who’s all about efficiency might wonder if they couldn’t kill two birds with one stone while smoking that spliff? Can you repel those annoying buzzing mozzies with the very joint you’re inhaling to get even more buzzed and elevated than those winged bloodsuckers?

It turns out you can kill two birds with the stone that is getting stoned, at least according to researchers quoted in a paper published in Drug Library. Ethanol extracts have been used to kill mosquito larvae, the paper states. In addition to that application, cannabis has been used to kill or repel all kinds of pests, including using leaves and juice from the leaves to kill off lice and bedbugs. It’s also been used as a “companion plant” to protect crops from vermin, for example keeping worms out of cotton plants and fending off caterpillars, beetles, and maggots from veggie grows.

Cool. Sweet. Bugs don’t like weed. I knew I never trusted them. But what about the other crucial question at the heart of the relationship between weed and mosquitoes….

Can a mosquito get high by drinking my stoned blood?

Reddit user whiteboyflow recently asked the very same question, beginning a thread with the scientific query: “If I’m high as fuck and a mosquito drinks my blood, will the mosquito also become high as fuck?”

The stupidly named user got a surprisingly thorough,  answer in the form of a comment from user SippantheSwede, citations included: “The THC level in your blood would be at least 100 ng/ml (source) and a mosquito drinks three times its own weight in blood meaning 7.5mg (source). The density of blood is about 1,06g/ml (source) which means 7.5mg of blood equals 7.08ml which means the mosquito has consumed 708ng of THC. Since insects don’t have cannabinoid receptors (source), the mosquito will not become high as fuck.”

So, there you have it. Sounds legit, but it’s Reddit, so who knows?

It turns out that mosquitoes and weed fiends have a very interconnected relationship. There’s also the fact that they can really suck if you’re doing an outdoor grow, as discussed in an ICMag comment thread.

But as much as the mozzies suck hard, just remember that they can’t get high, so you might feel a little sorry for them from now on.


Photo via Flickr user Tom