“Does Weed Kill Brain Cells?”

But a study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Neuroscience argues that it does. And yes, of course it does. But so does beer. It’s also true of painkillers and other prescribed medicine.

To come to an accurate conclusion about the effects of marijuana on the brain would require a long term study. Is a person who smokes marijuana over the course of ten years smarter than someone who doesn’t? Again, you have problems with scientific results here. One guy might have a naturally worse memory than another guy; does that mean that if he smokes pot or eats sugar that the sugar or pot is the cause? Or is it just that his memory was worse naturally?

The study comes at an interesting time, just as more states are becoming more comfortable with marijuana’s legality for medicinal purposes. And there are endless studies documenting the benefits associated with marijuana use.

THC can also open up new cognitive pathways and detours around the critical logical faculties. The point is, marijuana is becoming just like any other legal drug – pseudoephed or Tylenol, for example, which come with our own detractors and champions, benefits and side-effects.