There are a couple of cool law enforcement dogs (McGruff the Crime Dog, Hooch), but there aren’t that many alleged cool criminal dogs. Until now.

A Brazilian guard dog has become a sensation after a video of the animal was released featuring it complying with police wishes and lying down next to his owners, who had also been ordered to lie on the ground during a drug bust in the Vargem Grande area of Rio de Janeiro. Marijuana and cocaine were found at the scene by authorities, along with guns and weighing scales.

The dog antagonistically barked at the officers initially, according to police spokesman Filippo Valdez. But when the he saw his masters obeying authorities and lying on the ground, the pooch followed suit, rolling on his back and exposing his stomach in the traditionally submissive position.

An article in High Times points out that this was a pretty intelligent choice on the dog’s part, as Brazilian police often gun down guard dogs during busts like this one.

Damn. How did we end a cute fluffy story on such a bummer? Look at the picture again. Aw!