A lot of people are having their reputations tarnished, and maybe ruined, by the college admission scandal which took over headlines this week (because it’s obviously more important than some other news). We already lost Aunt Becky from Fuller House and Felicity Huffman, formerly one of the most respected actresses of our day, may face jail time. And now one stoner who’s stuck his nose into the whole scandal threatens to give potheads everywhere a bad name.

The idiotic cannabis user in question is one Malcolm Abbott, presumably the blackest of the black sheep in the Abbott family. His dad, Gregory Abbott, is a “bigwig” in food and beverage distribution around New York. Greg was recently arrested for his involvement in the criminal conspiracy, having allegedly paid a hundred thousand dollars to cheat his daughter’s ACT and SAT scores. His wife Marcia also faces criminal charges.

Incredibly, despite the fact that his sister needed a criminal conspiracy to get her into college, and his parents could go to prison in the near future, Malcolm still comes out looking like the worst of the bunch.

Exiting his home on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan while puffing on a blunt, Malcolm tried to shed some light on the situation, and also tried to pimp out his rap CD.

Defending his parents, he told the New York Post, “They’re in their 60s, but they’re also … removed from the real world. They don’t fucking understand this shit.”

“They’re blowing this whole thing out of proportion,” he said. “I believe everyone has a right to go to college, man.”

After his hot take on the subject, Malcolm take another toke off his blunt, and said, “Check out my CD, ‘Cheese and Crackers.” The five song EP includes a song called “If I Lost My Money.”

Photo via Flickr user Ben Chun