Thousands of students will soon have their very own dorm room, so you need to make sure that if you’re a pot smoker, you have all the right things to put in your stoner den.


Board games. Board fucking games. They’re great. Cards Against Humanitits… Settlers de Cataan… What’s that other one… with all the funny-colored money?

Shit to Look At

Go to the poster sale at the student union? Fuck that noise, Jack. Get some original artwork so you look like a smart, cultured badass when visitors pop on by.

Weed Delivery

When you move in to your dorm, you need to make sure you have a weed delivery guy or girl. Ban ounce or two because they will be caught and in jail soon.

Sound Systems

If you want to pull off the ideal stoner crib, then make sure that you have a sound system with awesome music. Perfect your Pandora stations. Learn an instrument even so you look cooler than the next guy.

Hide Your Smoking

If you have a cool roommate, you might not think that you need to hide your pot smoking. You should still keep it on the down low and use dryer sheets and a toilet paper roll if you don’t want to draw attention.

 No Smell

If you don’t want to stink out your dorm room, try things like Febreze, Nag Champa, Ozium and many more. Even though they might smell bad, at least everyone won’t smell your weed. A fan set up to blow air out the window can be clutch too.