Dozens of young adults and teenagers have been recently arrested for underage drinking at the X Games. Many of them have also been arrested for smoking marijuana, and all of them are facing legal consequences. The sting was set up at the X Games in Aspen in order to target underage drinkers and marijuana users.

The Aspen Daily News has reported that the operation was conducted by the Colorado Department of Revenue. They paired up agents with police officers to arrest the groups, leading to over 126 tickets being issued in January. This number is over double the amount that was issued the year before, and a lot of the people are now facing legal action as a result. Some of the defendants appeared with their parents in court on Tuesday, many coming from as far as California, New Mexico and even Montana. Assistant District Attorney Scott Turner has told the group that if they pleaded guilty then they could possibly have their cases dismissed. Scott also hopes that if they did this, then they have a chance of not having it mentioned on college and job applications. As many of them will most likely be attending college in the near future, they have high hopes that this won’t affect their record.

If they do plead guilty and it’s accepted, then as per an average ACOD ruling, they would need to stay out of trouble for a period of 90 days and they would also have to complete an online course as a consequence of their actions.