Waves were made in the daytime TV landscape during a visit from Dr. Oz to Fox & Friends on Tuesday.

At first, Oz and Fox host Steve Doocy got along swimmingly. Dr. Oz, who’s barely a real doctor, and Doocy, who’s hardly a journalist, found themselves agreeing on most subjects.

Ivanka Trump, for instance, who the good doctor feels faces an unfair “continuous barrage of criticism,” is also an object of sympathy for Doocy. “It’s nonstop,” he agreed, adding that her pregnancy is “for the greater good” of the country, whatever that means.

The two over-tanned, badly hair-dyed, aging entertainers could also more or less agree on the country’s opioid epidemic, a priority, supposedly, of Ivanka’s father and president, Donald Trump.

But then, just as Doocy began to end the segment, Oz made a surprising interjection, as reported by The Washington Post. “Can I ask you one thing?” he said. “I talked about the opioid epidemic, but the real story is the hypocrisy around medical marijuana.”

The TV doctor went on to add that though “people think [cannabis is] a gateway drug to narcotics,” it “may be the exit drug to get us out of the narcotic epidemic.”

To that, Doocy responded, “Wow.”

The talk show host has gone on the record deriding medical and recreational cannabis before. As the Post pointed out, he criticized Colorado and Washington for legalizing marijuana, asking rhetorically on his show, “What’s to keep somebody from getting all potted up on weed and then getting behind the wheel?” and then answering himself, “Nothing!”

He also claimed that a program in Washington, D.C. to supplement low-income medical marijuana patients would enable the city’s “really poor people” to “just turn around sell it on the street. Because it’ll be the really good stuff.”

Shockingly, it seems that Steve “potted up” Doocy doesn’t know too much about cannabis or cannabis law. To Dr. Oz’s condemnation of restrictive federal marijuana laws, saying “we’re not allowed to study it, because it’s a schedule one drug, and, personally, I believe it could help,” Doocy replied only, “I hadn’t heard that before.”