Drake seems to be everywhere these days. So much so that the question begs to answer, is Drake actually the government’s tool for quality control? Is Big Brother staring us right in the face, from behind our favorite set of portrayed crippled legs? No one can truly be sure.

What is sure is that Drake currently lays claim to 41% of the R&B and Hip-Hop charts since March 4th.  That’s like if John Ritter not only got lucky with both Joyce DeWitt and Summer Sanders on Three’s Company, but also a third of himself.

As for his latest album “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,” the top of the charts has been a cozy home.  So what’s next for this actor gone global mega icon shorts-wearer?  More music of course. Singles and features abound in the coming months, as well as a planned album by year’s end.

Here are Drake’s 21 titles currently on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts (dated March 4, 2015):

No. 4 – “Only,” Nicki Minaj, featuring Drake, Lil Wayne & Chris Brown

No. 5 – “Truffle Butter,” Nicki Minaj, featuring Drake & Lil Wayne

No. 9 – “Energy”

No. 16 – “Tuesday,” ILoveMakonnen, featuring Drake

No. 17 – “Legend”

No. 19 – “10 Bands”

No. 22 – “Blessings,” Big Sean, featuring Drake

No. 23 – “Know Yourself” (Debut)

No. 26 – “No Tellin'”

No. 27 – “Preach,” featuring PartyNextDoor

No. 28 – “6 God” (Debut)

No. 29 – “Used To,” featuring Lil Wayne

No. 32 – “Now & Forever”

No. 34 – “6 Man”

No. 38 – “Jungle”

No. 39 – “Star67” (Debut)

No. 40 – “Madonna” (Debut)

No. 42 – “Company” Featuring Travis Scott” (Debut)

No. 43 – “Wednesday Night Interlude” featuring PartyNextDoor (Debut)

No. 45 – “6PM In New York”

No. 49 – “You & The 6” (Debut)