Some kind of infamy was crowned on a Lynnwood, Washington after the 53 year-old was deemed the most cannabis-impaired driver in eight years.

The as-yet unnamed man tested for THC in spades after being pulled over in May. Washington has a legal limit for drivers of five nanograms per milliliter of blood, but this guy rolled in at 270 nanograms, 54 times the legal limit, as reported by The News Tribune.

If a driver had 54 times the legal limit for alcohol, they would have a BAC of 4.32 percent. People usually die when they get above .25.

Not surprisingly, the anonymous heavy smoker from Lynnwood did not die from his extreme overdose. He hasn’t even been charged yet, even though he was pulled over in connection with an alleged hit-and-run that took place just earlier in the evening.

Lab technicians are as surprised as anyone else by the results of the man’s test. One lab manager, Brianna Peterson, of the Washington State Patrol toxicology lab told the Tribune that the median THC content of impaired drivers was 3.7 nanograms. Mr. 54’s number is, on the other hand, “not normal,” according to Peterson. “It’s not something we typically see.”

Many are baffled as to how the man managed to get even all that THC in his system. Building up a tolerance to cannabis is not uncommon, but that tolerance usually tops out at a couple of nanograms. So, either this unknown man is a truly extraordinary physical specimen, the five nanograms rule is a little off base, or maybe it’s just a bit of both.

According to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, 91 out of 499 fatal crashes in 2015 involved a driver who was under the influence of marijuana. The year before that, the State Patrol said 249 of the drivers they pulled over were high on funny tobacco.