Well, if you are one of the tens of thousands of prisoners put away on drug charges based on lab testing done by one Annie Dookhan, a chemist working for the state of Massachusetts, today is a day to celebrate. Because it was just revealed that as a result of Dookhan’s guilty plea on multiple charges of tampering with evidence, falsifying documents and forgery, several thousand inmates will have a chance to have their convictions overturned.

For almost a decade, Dookhan lied about credentials, skimming through tasks in her lab and signing over positive test results like clockwork, without any single soul batting an eyelash.

But in 2013, the long karmatic dick of existence finally came, and the explosion found the face of Dookhan.

For those unlucky enough to have been put away on one of her fakies, the chance at a retrial is almost certain. For many– who may have been falsely accused– this news is life changing. This may actually allow for those so wrongfully dealt with to get a chance at redemption. A real life re-do, something so few have been granted in the bounds of our justice system.

And for those who are retried and found guilty once more, no added punishment or new rule will be instated. These people will simply have to run out the rest of their sentence as it was.

This moment presents an opportunity for our justice system, or rather the moral and judicial ground on which it was built and apparently still prides itself on, to show the true extent of what democratic trial processing can provide.

Let’s hope it doesn’t fall into the same muck of face-saving cover-ups, as it has so many times before.