A drug dealer from London has been sent to prison for six years after police officers came across several photos that showed him posing with wads of money held up to his face as if he was talking on the phone. VICE has reported that Junior Francis, who is 33 years of age, is going to spend his time in jail for the next six years and eight months. Initially after his arrest, he denied all the charges against him.

Police then brought up the pictures of the cash, as well as pictures of several crumpled bills next to a bottle of Heinz tomato ketchup. It seems that thousands of pounds has never been so underwhelming before. He was found with £7,000 ($100,000) in cash and £75,000 ($111,000) worth of heroin. This was found when police raided his home in November last year and they also uncovered photos which had Method Man lyrics as their caption. He has been nabbed for money laundering and has now admitted to possession with intent.

This is why we here at Dabs Magazine only take pictures with our drug money while wearing Groucho glasses or Scream masks.