Score another point for the Donald and other border wall supporters. Looks like a border fence in Arizona was actually used to help smuggle drugs from Mexico into the United States. And anything that puts marijuana in the hands of hardworking Americans is okay in our book.

Border Patrol agents discovered a drug catapult which had been attached onto a border fence last Friday. At the scene, authorities found two bundles of cannabis with a combined weight of 47 pounds, both of which had been launched into the land of the free from the device, as reported by KTLA.

Quite a feat of engineering, the catapult was composed of square tubing and a heavy spring which had been welded together. From the looks of a Customs and Border Protection photo on Fox News, the apparatus had to be cut from the border fence using a welding machine.

It’s not known how much cannabis the catapult successfully launched into the country, only that CBP agents discovered it near the Douglas Port of Entry after they saw a suspicious group of men run away from the fence.

The marijuana was then found and the Mexican authorities contacted to assist with removing the ingenious device.

This is not the first such mechanism found near the border. In September, Mexican officials discovered a vehicle that was used like a tank to fire drugs into the US. The rig was van that had what was described as a “homemade bazooka,” made out of “an air compressor, a gas engine, a storage tank and an approximately 3-meter metal tube” according to Fox News.

Drug smugglers have only gotten cleverer as technology develops. Earlier this year, nearly two and a half tons of marijuana disguised as carrots were discovered by border agents in Texas. Meanwhile, the esteemed online publication you’re currently reading has reported on the advent of drone drug smuggling. Flying drugs. It’s a crazy world.

Photo via Wikimedia Commons