Most of us have been there. You misplace a bag, maybe even forget you had it, then find it under your car seat or in your couch a couple months or years later. But very few of us have misplaced it inside our bodies. Fewer still have done it for so long that it calcified and obstructed an orifice for nearly two decades.

But that’s exactly what happened to a British ex-jailbird recently. Doctors were looking into the man’s mysterious headaches when they discovered an old balloon way up in his nasal cavity.

18 years earlier, the man had filled the balloon with weed and tried to smuggle it into a correctional facility. Unable to find it again, he believed he had accidentally swallowed the contraband.

Despite the fact that it never came out the other end and his recurring sinonasal infections over, the dude apparently never seriously questioned his assumption.

The bud had been up there for so long that it calcified into what’s called a “rhinolith,” essentially a stone made of salts and magnesium from the body that blocked his nasal passage for a large chunk of his life.

The discovery was documented in a paper in the British Medical Journal, which called it “the first reported case of prison-acquired marijuana-based rhinolith.” 

After years, the obstruction and infections began causing painful headaches, leading the man to seek medical attention. Investigating his symptoms, doctors gave him a CT scan and found a “rubber capsule containing degenerate vegetable/plant matter.”

Doctors surgically removed the balloon and, as reported by Sky News, the man’s symptoms have completely gone away.

Photo via Flickr/WeedPornDaily