Among all other hydroponic mechanisms used at the moment, DWC (deep water culture) method is the most dependable and inexpensive. In a DWC grow, the roots of plants are immersed inside a water tank 24 hours every day. This does not destroy the plants because when essential nutrients are added to the water, plants treat the water a lot like if it were soil. In such a hydroponic mechanism, plants are continuously able to access nutrients and water. As long as the air pump keeps operating the roots never sink inside the water. As a result, DWC offers quicker development as compared to soil gardening.

A DWC system could be set up for under a couple of dollars. The only tool you require is an air stone/air diffuser and an air pump. They’ll run you around 10 bucks at your local hydroponics shop. DWC grow is considered to be the most steady hydroponic mechanism because of the big water tank. Since plants suck nutrients from the water, the level of pH rises slowly, hence a pH down solution needs to be added at least every week (apple cider vinegar is a pretty common organic pH down option).

If you’re growing a tiny plant inside a big container, then you won’t have to change the pH that frequently. On the other hand, in case you are having several big plants developed inside a small container, your system is likely to need adjustments on a regular basis for maintaining your plants’ maximum health.

Marijuana developed through the DWC technique is likely to yield almost a pound for each plant, with appropriate ventilation and lighting. It’s important that the plant receives an extended vegetative period in order to grow a number of branches, producing additional bud sites. So you won’t have to work as much for getting higher harvests like you do with other conventional hydro methods.