A bill died yesterday in the Colorado State Senate that would have repealed a law forcing all edibles in the state to brand themselves with a distinguishing logo. Not just on the packaging, but on the food itself.

Despite deciding that edibles should be clearly marked, the Senate has yet to decide just what that mark should be or how they should make it. Are they going to label every individual gummy or cookie in a pack?

Those who supported the repeal said that the labelling the package was sufficient. And it would also lead to the occasional comic mishaps like that That 70’s Show when Red and Kitty eat the kids pot brownies and laugh a lot, but probably not very often. Or almost ever.

Colorado sold approximately five million edibles last year, and they’ll likely sell more in 2015. Bob Eschino, co-founder of The Incredibles edibles company, made the common sense observation that marking each and every one of them isn’t practical or cheap. “As an industry, there’s no clear, realistic way to mark every product,” he told The Cannabist.

Those who support the existing regulation say they’re afraid unmarked edibles will be handed out in schools at parties to unsuspecting victims. Why doesn’t anyone ever do that to me?

The regulation will go into effect in the state as of January 1, 2016.