You could see it as a bad thing every little thing we do online is tracked by advertisers, government spies, and hacker mercenary groups. But there’s a silver lining to living in the age when privacy became vaporized: we get a bunch of fun facts. Like some new info from Eaze, the uber-popular “Uber of weed,” which allows California marijuana patients to order up some medication on demand via phone.

The slew of sensimilla stats comes with some shrug-worthy non-surprises (4/20 is the most busy day for orders, more 18-25 year olds use the app than any other demographic). But it also comes with some interesting factoids concerning the habits of stoners, particularly when it comes to the difference between NorCal and SoCal potheads. Turns out, while weed is very popular with Californians in general, those north of Fresno smoke very differently than those who are closer to Mexico.

For instance, while 61% of SoCal patients prefer Indica to Sativa, 57% of those in NorCal reach for Indica over Sativa. And while a NorCal user is more commonly going to buy their weed after dark, SoCal patients tend to get their craving during the daylight hours. If you wanted to draw an unscientific conclusion from this data, you could say that in general maybe California Southerners like to get high while they get their shit done, so they smoke that brain weed to keep their mind up and coming. Meanwhile, the Yanks to the north seem to prefer to come down at night with a little couch weed Indica.

Eaze CEO Keith McCarty told SF Chronicle about the company’s decision to reveal their info. “Sharing this data with the regulators we are working with — on the state and national level — can hopefully be rewarding for both them and the patients,” McCarty said. “It’s easy to say ‘No’ to something when you don’t know anything about it. But hopefully, by learning when and how people are using this, they will have more information that can help them.”

Among the other tidbits from their data share comes the fact that only 1 out of 4 orders come from women, and Mother’s Day brings a 15% decrease in cannabis purchases. So who’s buying all the great stoner moms out there a well deserved gifted eighth?

The data also included testimonials from patients helped significantly by the treatment of medical marijuana. “I am a colon cancer survivor,” on wrote. “I have a lot of radiation damage and developed a perineal hernia. I live with constant pain. #MarijuanaHelps me cope with this awful pain!” Another read, “I suffer from severe back pain. I work in construction have no insurance. My only option before was over the counter pain pills. I now smoke marijuana and don’t have to worry about the horrible side effects. #MarijuanaHelps”