Look out, boys! Women are going to smoke all your weed. At least, that is one take away from a new study of cannabis consumer behavior from Eaze, the “Uber of weed” super popular app that allows you to order weed to your house with one hand while hitting the vape with the other.

And Eaze ought to know. Those fools have a database of 450,000 customers and, in true Silicon Valley fashion, they’re mining the shit out of that user data.

In a report called “Eaze Insights,” the app released some statistical findings for stoner consumer behavior in 2018.

The company’s biggest customer base is still Millennials, and most of their customers are still dudes. But Millennial dudes beware: women and old peeps are using more and more weed. Soon there might not be any left for man bun wearers to put in their bongs.

Among the fastest growing demographics in cannabis, according to Eaze, is women. Their number of female cannabis consumers grow by jaw-dropping 92% in 2018. Actually, dudes are also buying more weed from Eaze, but women’s market share is definitely on the rise. In 2015, women made up only 25% of the market, but last year they 38% of customers. Eaze notes that if that pace continues, women will have half the market by 2022.

Another rapidly growing segment of cannabis consumers is the baby boomer generation, the swinging ‘60s generation that brought us LSD and New Coke. According to Eaze data, these old timers are taking it easy in their twilight years.

They are fastest growing age group in the marijuana market, which is good news for those in the business, because they also spend the most on average. A baby boomer throws down an average of $95.04 per month while a Millennial only spends $75.94 and those in the Generation Z pay a measly $62.35.

So now might be a good time to start buttering up to the old folks in your life. Maybe if you’re lucky they’ll leave their sweet bong collection.Photo via Flickr user Ashton