When you think of an environmentalist, what probably comes to mind first is an image of an easy-going earth friendly hippie, but believe it or not, some branches of government are now considering these people to be terrorists.

A 37 year old man by the name of Eric McDavid was just released from prison after serving nine years out of a 20 year sentence that he probably should have never even had handed to him in the first place. Since his arrest in January 2006, McDavid’s lawyers filed for an FOIA request to reveal new evidence and just as of lately they presented documents showing that the FBI had intentionally and illegally withheld information during his trial.

The FBI’s case against Mr. McDavid was mainly based on audio and video recordings that they obtained from an informant who went by the name of Anna. She provided Eric and two other Eco-activists with lodging in a cabin upstate, food and transportation all while encouraging them to participate in extreme terroristic plots including one to bomb the Nimbus Dam located near Folsom, California. The recently discovered documents now expose a more serious and romantic type of relationship between Anna and Eric that the FBI tried to omit in their case against him.

It’s also clear to McDavid’s attorneys that she used the romantic feelings he had for her to manipulate him displaying unprofessionalism and misconduct on the behalf of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Since the awful event of 9/11, many citizens feel that the government and it’s agencies have been stepping out of its boundaries when it comes to tracking and investigating individuals who have only participated in civil disobedience and never had any intention of turning violent.