“We Are The Retards That Decided To Hide Eggs With Drugs In Them On Easter.” That’s what the Instagram account for Canimals Edibles, a Boston-based edible manufacturer, reads. Likely, that’s a message left by some hackers who are not too pleased with Cannimals’ Easter Egg Hunt over the weekend.

The edible company pissed off a lot of people over the last two days when they created a large Easter Egg hunt in Boston. The most irate and vocal of their critics have been the rival edible bakers, The Boston Bake Shop.

Cannimals, who are not a legal manufacturer or collective (since those don’t exist in Massachusetts), staged the hunt as a PR stunt, and admitted on their IG account to only including vouchers for edible treats in the eggs. But the Boston Bake Shop claimed in their Instagram account to have found an egg containing two edibles “at the Arboretum. An area frequented by literally dozens of children today.”

Cannimals responded: “To those who are salty that we did a giveaway today, please delete yourself from our [Instagram] page if you don’t like our Easter eggs — FUCK YOU.”

The Bake Shop replied on the Cannimals’ IGt: “The response from the kids who left a bunch of high strength edibles hidden in Easter eggs, in areas frequented by actual little children this Easter. Insanely irresponsible but predictable from these kids. Happy Easter and I hope your children didn’t unknowingly come across any hidden medibles this year.”

So, the questions remain… Where the edibles dank? Can you medicate a hard-boiled egg? How much THC can you get into a Boston baked bean?