Edward Snowden, the man who revealed to the world that the NSA was performing surveillance on U.S citizens– thus condemning himself to charges of treason– believes that if the U.S ever wants to emerge from prohibition, an uprising is necessary.

Earlier in the week, the NSA outer opened up for a Reddit AMA session, promoting the release of new HBO documentary Citizenfour. The film details Snowden’s memories of Uncle Sam’s dirty laundry, and during the online Q&A, Snowden gave his two rubles on drug restriction and prohibition.

Unsurprisingly, the former Waldo hopeful feels that if we ever want to chip away at the federal government and what they believe is right and good for its citizens, we must continue to force radical change with radical action.

In the case of marijuana, this battle has been going on for decades. The former hippies and children of light forced under Uncle Sam’s “dangerous substance” beliefs of the past have grown to guide legislation to legalize in four states.

Only time will tell if these motions are radical enough for real change to happen. But Snowden’s example sets a daring landscape for humanity to challenge drunken power.