Florida is becoming a lot less sunshiney for two retiree-aged residents. A married couple will take a break from their presumed activity of suntanning in Panama shirts after being arrested and jailed by deputies in Hernando County, Florida for the manufacture and possession of cannabis, according to local news station WFLA.

A small operation of 30 plants allegedly belonging to Lorenzo Aday, 84, and Adriana Aday, 73, were discovered after a power diversion investigation led authorities to their home. The Withlacoochee River Electric Company had found that the Adays’ meter did not match the amount of power being drawn by their house, indicating a power diversion.

The detectives who arrived on the scene claim to have smelled cannabis on the premises before entering the house and found inside a half pound of processed cannabis and various cultivation and distribution paraphernalia. Both of the Adays were at home at the time of the discovery and both were arrested and booked for possession of more than 20 grams, possession of a structure used for manufacturing a controlled substance, paraphernalia possession and theft  of services.

All this means the septuagenarian and octogenerian could face felony charges and wind up in the big house for what would on the other coast be minorly criminal or even perfectly legal activities. No wonder more and more retiring baby boomers are heading to 420-friendly states.