Roughly 30,000 people attended this year’s Emerald Cup this past weekend at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds. As Northern California, one of the most notorious and celebrated hotspots for cannabis in the world, prepares to adjust to the new world of recreational legalization, this year’s Emerald Cup served as a marker to look at who were the best and fire-est cannabis producers in the region.

Emerald Cup differs in a few ways from other major marijuana competitions like the High Times Cannabis Cup and Chalice. For one thing, the specifics of the region play a major role in the competition. Every flower is listed by the county it was grown in, along with other usual specifics such as whether it was a sativa or indica strain, showing a tradition of subtle differences of NorCal bud by region, similar to how wine is sometimes differentiated by county.

Another big difference for Emerald Cup is that no solvent-derived extracts were entered into the competition. Categories for Bubble, Rosin, Dry Sieve, and CO2 were all honored over the weekend, but there was no love for any BHO.

Out of the competitors, one of the big standouts was the collaboration between 3rd Gen, Terp Hogz and Dying Breed, which took home first and second prizes for bubble hash, the hat trick of gold, silver and bronze for the rosin category, and scored with a third place for flower with their Strain #8.

Another big winner was the Dookie Brothers, who took the top prize for flower with their Zkittles. Jason, one of the Dookies, told the Press Democrat “This was only our second event.” “I’ve been doing this for 25 years, and I’m just so passionate. It’s all kind of surreal,” he said. “I just wanna get high now.”

Here are all the big winners of the weekend:




1st: Banana by 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed

2nd: Z by 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed

3rd: Grease Monkey by Mr. Bond/Mendo Dope Family Farms


1st: hindu Z by 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed

2nd: Zum by 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed

3rd: Oz #3 by 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed

Dry Sieve

1st: Berry White by Dry Sift Jedi Resin Ranch Extraction

2nd: Platinum Cookies by Dry Sift Jedi of Resin Ranch Extraction w/ The Humboldt Local of The Mendohideout


1st: Cookies & Cream by Gold Drop Co/Blue River Extracts

2nd: Lemon G by Beezle Honey

3rd: Dawg Waltz by THG/Bamboo



1st: Zkittles (Hybrid Clone) by Dookie Brothers

2nd: Purple CandyCane (50/50 Clone) by Greenschock Farms

3rd: Strain #8 (Sativa Clone) by 3rd Gen/Terp Hogz/Dying Breed

4th: Jack by (Sativa Clone) by Gold County Cannabis/EFF

5th: Golden Dragon (Seed Indica) by Silver Dragon Farm




1st: Rainbow Gummeez by Molecular Farms, LLC

2nd: CBD Nordle by Chalawa Farms

3rd: Tropical Punch by Abatin Wellness Center


1st: Terra Pen RE:Zen 1:1 Vape Pen by Legion of Bloom

2nd: The Ringo’s Cure Dry Sift/Ringo’s Gift #1 by Camel

3rd: Cannatonic CO2 Oil by PURE CBD from Tea House Collective


1st: Macaroon by Utopia Farms

2nd: Peanut Butter Cups

3rd: Pumpkin Pecan Mini Space Cake by MoonMan’s Mistress


See The Emerald Report for the complete list of winners.